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The books LIARS! Vol. 1: Scout to the Pole and LIARS! Vol. 2: Escape to Insanity are now available in both electronic form, from Smashwords, and paper back, from the BookPatch:

Scout to the Pole: ... ebook ... paperback
Escape to Insanity: ... ebook ... paperback

** NOTE, you don't have to have an electronic reader to read the ebook. Any computer can read them. Just choose the html or pdf version. **

The series, LIARS!, captures a lifetime of research that Bruce Nappi put into understanding the principles that drive our culture. Unfortunately, in his view, biological evolution has left humanity very ill equipped to deal with the sophistication and complication that science and technology have produced. The result is that the human race, rather than being on a path of continuous improvement, continues to find itself in a cycle of improvement followed by deep collapse. While there have been many individuals among us who have described this condition, only a few, whom we call philosophers, are known for pulling together broadly respected summaries. Most of the people on earth go about their daily business, following models based on superstition and misinformation, totally oblivious to reality and the larger picture.

LIARS! is not just a collection of social criticism. It pulls together the major teachings of the great philosophers and organizes them in a new structure based on the major human faults that cause humanity to keep falling off the improvement trajectory. A major conclusion of the book is that what we currently call "Democracy" is, in fact, just one form of democracy. AND, the form our current civilization believes is the ONLY possible form of democracy is not even a viable form. If we don't move beyond this form, the cycle of boom and bust will continue, ultimately ending in the failure of the human race.

The book LIARS! Vol. 2: Escape to Insanity, concludes with 3 chapters that describe a new form of democracy which can solve most of the problems that plague our current world.

The A3 Society was formed to gather and coordinate a community of like-minded people to implement pieces of the new social structure outlined in the book.